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Hurrying Away from Hurricanes

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Mr. Prepared Says Evacuees’ Experience Reveals a Lot!

Mr. Prepared here.  I recently wrote an online article, “Hurricane Evacuation Secrets,” because I found it fascinating, after Hurricane Gustav prompted the biggest evacuation out of New Orleans, to read the blogs of the people who had to pick up and leave everything behind – including their pets, in most cases – in order to escape a hurricane emergency. 

 As we now know, Gustav didn’t hit the Big Easy with nearly the punch Katrina delivered – thank goodness!  But when 240,000-plus people have to leave a large city all at once, it’s going to cause some problems – not to mention a ton of traffic!

 As you’ll see in my article, people were stuck in traffic for 17 hours or more during the evacuation process.  That’s why many blog writers focused on how to keep children entertained during all that time on a hot sweltering freeway where cars are barely moving at all.  It’s hard enough to keep kids busy when they’re home with all their toys and the TV!

 As hurricane activity seems to increase with every passing year, this kind of massive evacuation may become more commonplace – and New Orleans could end up losing a lot more of its population.  It already lost close to forty percent of its people after Katrina, according to some estimates.  In any event, the firsthand accounts from evacuees should be seriously studied to give everyone faced with that traumatic situation the information they need – to make sure they get through it as painlessly as possible!

 Also remember that these kinds of evacuation orders are rare!  More generally, people sit out storms.  This requires its own kind of emergency preparations that should be made well in advance – including having a plan for your family during the storm and having the food, water and survival supplies on hand you’ll find necessary if vital services are lost.

 Whether you stay or go, you need to be prepared for anything when it comes to hurricanes!  Find out more at my website,  Until next time, Be Smart!  Be Safe!  Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Gustav can’t make up it’s mind. (Goose Tof) more like GOOF OFF!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Well folks, we just got rid of Tropical Storm Fay.  She’s still looking for Edouard and Dolly, but they’re dead and gone. Thank goodness! I think. Anyway, look out, because things are a-brewing in the Atlantic.  You see, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Gustav (GOOSE TOF – whew, where do get these names? Making me tired just trying to say them!)  I think this might be her dad – oh sh## shoot!  This is not good.  If he finds out what’s been going on he’s going to be pis###. Sorry. In Florida we got nailed good with the flooding.  Alligators and snakes are even mad, they’d been moved around too, and they don’t like it either, so they’re ready to bite anything! Look out!

So get out your 72 hour survival kits and be ready. If your lucky and don’t get hit, go and HELP some of your neighbors or go to another area and see if you can help there – you’ll be glad you did. Check with the local emergency management services there to see if you will be in the way or if you can help, just ask first. You can always make a donation to the Red Cross, (1-800-HELP-NOW) they will love it – and deserve it! Mr P. loves the RED CROSS. They help people like you and me in need.  So make sure you are prepared for an emergency – you never know when one is going to happen.
       FOR MORE INFO GO TO <>  

Tropical Storm Fay

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Tropical storm Fay looks like a linebacker zigzagging across Florida. Ok Fay, we have had enough, please go away. Your sobbing about hurricane Eduard all over us here in Florida has left so many people flooded out of their homes. He ain’t coming back!  He ran away with hurricane Dolly and you will never see them again.  So get on with your life (what’s left of it,) dry up and just leave.

As for us here in Florida, were starting to clean up.  Even Mr. Prepared has been cleaning up.  A small crack in a wall of my home started leaking from the hard blowing rain and leaked in to my kitchen and dining room, so I got out the shop-vac and I have been sucking up water all day.  Even Mr. Prepared has emergencies! I’m just like you. 

So all hands on deck and let’s get the job done (you know, “getter done!”)  I hear that Larry the Cable Guy lives in Sanford. Is this true?  I wonder if he has any flooding?  He’ll just make a joke of it, knowing him.  So I hope the people who got flooded have help and food and water. By the way, watch out for the gators and snakes, they’re out and about; they got flooded to! 

See folks, I keep telling you disasters and emergencies can happen at any time and at any place.  Just ask the people in Florida.  So think about what COULD happen where you live!  
 Be smart, be safe, and be prepared.  This is Mr. Prepared bringing awareness to preparedness!

Tropical Storm Fay

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Hey Folks!

Here comes tropical storm Fay, and you better look out she’s on the war path looking for hurricane Edouard.You see Edouard is Fay’s old boy friend but he’s chasing hurricane Dolly his old flame.Trust me this has been a real stormy relationship. Fay is in the Caribbean heading west towards Texas she knows they were there. She’s getting angrier by the hour, so she’s thinking about hanging a sharp right turn towards Florida to take a short cut. If she stays a tropical storm, Florida will get all wet. If she gets in a tizzy and becomes hurricane Fay she will surely do some damage. So be ready Florida get your 72 hour survival kits out and don’t tell me you don’t have any. You have been told for years to have your 72 hour survival kit, food reserve and emergency preparedness plans ready just in case NO EXCUSES !  So you can run out and spend hours or days putting one together or you can just go to and make it easy on yourself and order yours now, not tomorrow that might be too late. So stay tuned to the weather channel for the latest updates on Fay.

Flood Disasters

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Mr. Prepared™ Says Too Much Water Means Too Much Trouble!

Mr. Prepared™ here. In my recent article, The Biggest American Flood Disasters, I detail all the damage done when floodwaters rise, levees fail and people’s home and lives are threatened. The statistics you’ll see in that article are pretty shocking – with a lot of the biggest floods happening over the last fifteen years or so!

In that article, I write about what most experts agree was the biggest and most widespread flooding in recent American history – the Mississippi flood of 1993, which shattered all known records in the upper and central Mississippi River region. St. Louis, Missouri and Des Moines, Iowa were particularly hard hit.

Now, we’re in the middle of what’s expected to be another busy hurricane season – and flooding is always one of the number one threats from these monster storms. They either dump so much rain that the ground can no longer soak it up – or they cause bodies of water to overflow so much that levees and dams fail and suddenly there’s water, water everywhere.

“Water, water, everywhere” is from a poem, of course – with the next line being, “But not a drop to drink.” And that’s the supreme irony of a flood! Your whole neighborhood could be underwater, but not only is that water not safe to drink, but your tap water may not be either. In that 1993 flood I wrote about, the entire city of Des Moines was without safe drinking water after a prime water station was taken out by the flooding. That’s 200,000 people without access to drinking water!

Which is why I strongly advocate all of you to have a 72 Hour Survival Kit, First Aid Kit, Water, Food Reserve and a Generator, these ARE A MUST. A water purification system is another great extra to ensure your safety should an emergency strike your area. It’s essential to know how to prepare for these kinds of disasters. To be prepared get your KIT at TOMORROW!! could be too late. In addition you can find a whole lot of important information on my website at

Hope you have a chance to check out my new article – it’s got a lot of interesting flood facts and figures. Until next time, Be Smart! Be Safe! Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared™, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!

Tropical Storm Edouard

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Hey Texas! Has anyone seen my girlfriend Dolly? This is T-Storm Edouard. I know she was here recently, I hope she wasn’t to mad. We had a disagreement out in the Atlantic. I plan on just passing through, leaving a little rain and not much else. So get you rain coats! You probably wont need you 72 hour survival kits or food reserves but keep them ready. Just in case! You do have your 72 hour survival kit and food reserves right?! If you don’t, to late. You need to be prepared ahead of time. So go to right now and get yours today, not tomorrow. So if anyone see’s Dolly again in Texas soon, she’s probably going to change her name so nobody will recognize her. Until next time.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Prepared
This is Mr. Prepared™ bringing awareness to preparedness

Earthquake Judy!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Hi, Mr. Prepared here again!

Earthquake Judy that’s right, Judge Judy’s court room set was rock’ in and a roll’ in Tuesday July 29th during filming. Hey if they name Hurricanes why can’t they name Earthquakes. Good thing, it looks like no one was hurt badly. All of Los Angeles felt the 5.4 shaker, with some after shocks. Mr. Prepared is concerned because his son lives in Hollywood. No he’s not a big actor, he’s in music. He study’s audio engineering, thankfully he’s ok. The governor you know (I’ll be back) guy, Arnold is having every thing checked out. A few broken water lines here and there, but right now doesn’t look to bad. You now they keep saying the big one’s coming, I hope not. You know, everyone should have a 72 hour survival kit and food reserve at home and in their car (JUST IN CASE). Here’s another reason why earthquake’s happen with, (NO WARNING). You might be home when something happen’s or maybe not. Either way you will be prepared!

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Prepared
Mr. Prepared bringing awareness to preparedness

Hurricane Dolly

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Hello Dolly:

 Mr. Prepared here.  So you thought you would come into Texas and stir things up a bit.  I am really glad you didn’t pound on us too hard.  We got tons of rain and a bunch of wind damage and hopefully nobody hurt badly.  The emergency management team here was ready for ya.  Everybody’s already cleaning up and getting things back in order.  So if you every think about coming back to Texas again you better be packing bigger guns.  Everything’s bigger in Texas and were ready!  So see ya, get out of here, and go rain on someone else’s parade.  And if you ever come back this way you better change your name, if you don’t, we will know who you are and we will be prepared.

 Remember, Be Smart!  Be Safe!  Be Prepared!  This is Mr. Prepared bringing Awareness to Preparedness! 

Hello Dolly!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The 1st Tropical Storm/Hurricane to hit the United States in 2 years is barreling down on Texas, either way take cover and have your rain coat ready.  Are you Prepared?  Do you have a 72 hour Survival Kit, food reserves and emergency preparedness supplies out and ready. There are a lot of individuals who wait until it is too late to be prepared.  I am Mr. Prepared and I am here to tell you there is no better time to be prepared for an emergency situation. 

Do you live in an evacuation area and Emergency Responders are telling you to leave?  Then listen to them and leave. Good time to head north and take a short vacation. If you can’t leave or refuse to leave than get ready because you’re definitely going to get some wind and rain.  By the way, did you know that sometimes tornadoes follow hurricanes? Who knows how much wind and rain you’ll get so take cover and be prepared!  I’ll bet ya there will be some flooding and wind damage.

The Governor has all ready called up the National Guard to help. People will need some help.  You can’t count on the government agencies to get everyone prepared it is the responsibility of the head of your household to take action and be prepared. Mr. Prepared has taken the time to get everything you need for you, go to and order your 72 Hour Kit today.   

Remember, Be Smart! Be Safe! Be Prepared! 

This is Mr. Prepared bringing Awareness to Preparedness

The Macho Factor

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Mr. Prepared Says When Disaster Strikes, Guys Need to Take A Chill Pill!

 You know, guys, when disaster strikes, we have to remember that we’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger or James Bond.  A lot of the time, we’re not even Maxwell Smart!  In other words, the next time you want to be a big screen hero, remember, you don’t have a script writer and a special effects department to keep you alive!

 I’m Mr. Prepared, and I bring this up because I just recently wrote an article, “Why Disasters Mean More Danger to Men, “ about how men get the worst of it when storms like tornadoes or hurricanes hit.  The reason?  Well, part of it is because guys are just outdoors more, either working or playing sports – so if lightning hits somebody, there’s a lot more chance it’s going to be a man. 

 But the main reason for the gender difference is that men take more riskier chances than women – they’re the ones who floor it through floodwaters, thinking their pick-up will magically transform into a speedboat (back to James Bond territory!), and end up in over their heads!. 

 Pursuant to the information provided by Time Magazine, on June 15, 2008 the news reported a 43-year-old Wisconsin man drove around Road Closed signs and hit a washout. He was pronounced dead at the scene. In Indiana, 2 men died in separate incidents this month after their cars were swept away — and they tried to walk home.  

 According to research by Thomas Songer at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health regarding U.S. thunderstorm-related deaths from 1994 to 2000 they found that men were more than twice as likely to die than women. Of the 1,442 fatalities, 70% were men.

 But, women, it’s not all our fault.  As soon as we men are born, we’re constantly exposed to TV and movie hero guys doing all sorts of ridiculous impossible feats, and getting away with it.  So we think we’re wimps if we don’t!   Well, you’re not a wimp if you avoid getting killed – you’re just a very intelligent person who doesn’t want to die!

 And a very intelligent person takes all the steps he (or she!) needs to prepare for any kind of emergency or disaster.   That includes knowing enough about hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, as well as earthquakes and wildfires, so you know how they behave – and what to do when they hit. 

 I’ve got lots of information about all that on my website at – as well as what kind of supplies you should have on hand in case the worst happens – 72 hour Kit, food reserves, survival gear, a generator – and what kind of emergency plans you should have in place for you and your loved ones!

 So, guys, don’t try to be Mr. Macho if it’s going to get you or maybe someone else killed.  Be Smart!  Be Safe! Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!