Success Stories

Mr. Prepared endorses My Emergency Card as part of his “Being Prepared” program.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

My Emergency Card allows hospitals and other emergency personnel immediate access to critical information about the bearer of each card (i.e. next of kin, blood type, reactions to certain drugs or medications, etc.) I’m an advocate of Mr. Prepared’s My Emergency Card based on my personal experience.

My son, a resident of Orlando, was critically injured in an automobile accident in June 2007. His injuries were extensive, preventing any communication with emergency personnel at the scene of his accident or with medical physicia ns attending to him at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

My son’s injuries required immediate surgery. The situation became more critical when ORMC officials were unable to contact his immediate family until several hours after the accident.

Had my son been carrying one of Mr. Prepared’s My Emergency Cards, law enforcement officials would have been able to reach me only moments after his accident.

Thankfully, my son continues and steady recovery from his injuries.

- Rod Harter

Thank You for your Top 10 Facts!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Our family just moved north to Virginia after 3 years in Florida! Reading your candid report transported me back to Daytona Beach area as I read it! I found your report quite helpful and a solid guideline to doublecheck my family preparations! Thank You, may we never need all this ’stuff’! God Bless!” – Della Knight