Emergency Products and Disaster Products even Safety Products can be the difference between you and your family being prepared for the emergency and surviving. Or… not surviving!! Mr. Prepared says surviving is better. Mr. Prepared wants you to make sure that you’ve taken care of your family by ensuring their safety with Mr. Prepared’s approved products, whether it is an emergency, disaster or just an every day safety issue. Mr. Prepared has rated all of his products with his 3P rating system based on his expert opinion.

Below is a category list of Mr. P’s recommended products:


Here’s what some of our clients have to say!

Great Information. I am a registered nurse and I shared the information with family and friends and they thought the information was very useful and informative.

- Damary Montalvo

Thank You for your Top 10 Facts! Our family just moved north to Virginia after 3 years in Florida! Reading your candid report transported me back to Daytona Beach area as I read it! I found your report quite helpful and a solid guideline to doublecheck my family preparations! Thank You, may we never need all this ’stuff’! God Bless!

- Della Knight