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Mr. Prepared here, to tell you about one event that really required a lot of Preparedness – and that was the swearing in of our brand new President!

With the inauguration of our first African-American president – and the presence of millions of people in the streets of Washington D.C. – obviously, authorities had to be super-prepared more


This is Mr. Prepared, wishing you a Happy, Safe 2009.  And let’s hope it’s a little calmer – because 2008 was a dilly for disasters!

The New Year, however, is already expected to deliver a more active than normal hurricane season, according to a prominent U.S. weather research team at Colorado State University.  They’re calling for at more

Hurricane season is over – I hope!

Well folks, its December 16th, and I now think it’s safe to say Hurricane season is over - I hope!  I gave it a couple extra weeks, just to make sure. It was, again, a record-breaking year with Gustav (Goof Off – that’s how I remembered the name - being the worst) Again, how do they pick more

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Emergency Preparedness Expert Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared® Featured On “The Next Big Thing™” Radio Show Produced By America’s PremierExperts™

Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared®, emergency preparedness expert, was recently featured on “The Next Big Thing™” Radio Show, showcasing experts spanning a wide array of industries. 

Orlando, Fla. – March 23, 2009 – Emergency preparedness expert, Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared® was recently featured on an episode of the groundbreaking new Internet radio more

Emergency Preparedness Expert Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared® to Be Featured On America’s PremierExperts™ TV Show filming in Los Angeles

Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared®, emergency preparedness expert, will be featured in an episode of the television show titled “America’s PremierExperts™” in Los Angeles, California 

Orlando, Fla. – February 16, 2009 – America’s PremierExperts™, the television show, will be filmed this February in Los Angeles, California.  The television show will serve as a more

Emergency Preparedness Expert Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared™ Featured in USA Today as One of America’s PremierExperts™

Larry Frank, a.k.a. Mr. Prepared™, emergency preparedness expert, featured in USA Today as one of America’s PremierExperts™, in recognition of being America’s leading emergency preparedness expert. 

Orlando, Fla. – December 30, 2008 – An elite group of celebrity experts from various industries were featured in USA Today in a full page color spotlight on December 19, 2008. more

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Personal Health Records Online

Hi folks, Mr. Prepared here, today.  I want to talk about My Emergency Card and PHR`s, personal health records on line. You might not know this, but at your doctor’s office assuming you go to a doctor at least once a year Wreckfor a checkup and you should. They are doing away with the paper file folders.  You know that big store room they have with all those file folders in more


An American Hero Who Knew Safety Means Survival!

 On January 15th, America held its breath as an Airbus A320 came in for a landing – not on a runway, but on top of New York City’s Hudson River!  The US Airways flight had lost power in both engines – apparently due to a flock of birds hitting the aircraft – and was forced to make an emergency landing in the Big Apple’s most famous waterway.

Casualties? more

Make Sure Safety Is Under Your Christmas Tree!

Preparedness Makes For a Happy Holiday Season! 

This year, over 33 million American homes will have a natural Christmas tree inside their home, waiting for Santa Claus to drop a bagful of presents under it.  What has always been a wonderful holiday tradition, however, can turn to disaster if you don’t take the proper precautions!

I’m Mr. Prepared and I’m wondering if you know just how long it take a dry Christmas tree more