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At MrPrepared.com, you'll find a lot of information on how to prepare for emergencies like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Obviously those are important preparations to make - especially if you live in an area that's susceptible to these kinds of phenomenon.

But there's one emergency that's much more common that any of the ones I listed above. An emergency that can happen to any one of us at anytime anywhere.

A Medical Emergency.

Say you're in a car crash and you can't communicate. Or you fall and knock yourself unconscious. Maybe you're suddenly struck by a physical problem that renders you unable to speak. No matter what your age or current health, these things can happen - and when they do, a healthcare professional will need to treat you, without having access to potentially critical personal health information about you.

And that could cost you your life. That's what happened to around 108,000 people last year, who ended up dying from preventable medical errors, which, believe it or not, is the fifth leading cause of death in America. Over 93% of those deaths could have been prevented if the victim had been carrying their emergency medical information on their person.

That's why, at MrPrepared.com, we offer the FREE downloadable "My Emergency Card ™" created and personally designed by Mr. Prepared to meet this crucial need in a more vital way than any other medical ID card.

By going online to www.mrprepared.com/my-emergency-card, you'll be able to get "My Emergency Card ™" absolutely free. Over 95% of emergency responders know to look for this kind of important information when treating a victim unable to communicate - crucial personal data such as what you might be allergic to, what your blood type is, what medication you currently take, if you're diabetic and your doctor and insurance company information.

In addition, your friend-and-family contacts will be on the emergency card too, so they'll be easy to get in touch with.

"My Emergency Card ™" comes with easy instructions on how to fill it out and put it together. Once you've got it assembled, just put it in your wallet or somewhere else on your person where it's easy to get to, and you're all set. If you fall victim to a medical emergency, you'll know you'll get the best - and safest - possible health care available.

So reduce the margin of error for yourself and those you love - go to www.mrprepared.com/my-emergency-card and have this free lifesaver delivered right to your email inbox. You can't know when a medical emergency might happen - all you can do is be prepared!

Until next time, be Smart! Be Safe! Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!

Larry Frank
Mr. Prepared

Who is Mr. Prepared?

When I was a little kid, I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Wow!! That's 6 kids. My mom and dad worked hard to feed us and keep a roof over our heads. What would that look like today? That was the late 50s and early 60s. You know the Beatles, Rolling Stones - can't get no satisfaction? They worked hard, paid bills and bought food. You see, we were like the all American family, struggling like most of the families with that many kids...read more

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Hi folks, Mr. Prepared here, today.  I want to talk about My Emergency Card and PHR`s, personal health records on line. You might not know this, but at your doctor’s office assuming you go to a doctor at least once a year Wreckfor a checkup and you should. They are doing away with the paper file folders.  You know that big store room they have with all those file folders in it.  If you haven’t seen it “ask them to show it to you”!  They will after all those are your files.  Did you know that they store them for their records and just for you?  So you can request a copy of your records anytime, and they may charge you a fee, and it may take a couple of days depending on how much staff they have on hand, but the bottom line is their your records. Back to My Emergency Card, everyone should carry one: Example: On July 20th 2009 a couple of days ago my own mother in law had a car accident back in Michigan, someone turned in front of her ...read more


An American Hero Who Knew Safety Means Survival!

 On January 15th, America held its breath as an Airbus A320 came in for a landing – not on a runway, but on top of New York City’s Hudson River!  The US Airways flight had lost power in both engines – apparently due to a flock of birds hitting the aircraft – and was forced to make an emergency landing in the Big Apple’s most famous waterway.

Casualties?  A total of none.  It was a miracle – and the kind of spiritual pick-me-up that was just what America needed.

I call myself Mr. Prepared, but probably the pilot who successfully saved all 155 passengers and crew members on the flight, Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, deserves that title more than I do!  Sullenberger has spent most of his professional life working towards raising preparation and safety standards across the airline industry.  And most observers agree, he was the one man who could make that kind of extraordinary crash landing – and make sure everyone on board survived!

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Preparedness Makes For a Happy Holiday Season! 

This year, over 33 million American homes will have a natural Christmas tree inside their home, waiting for Santa Claus to drop a bagful of presents under it.  What has always been a wonderful holiday tradition, however, can turn to disaster if you don’t take the proper precautions!

I’m Mr. Prepared and I’m wondering if you know just how long it take a dry Christmas tree to ignite into a full-blown fire.   Answer?  Three seconds.  It takes only two more seconds for the fire to spread to other parts of the room.  And in only forty seconds, “flashover” will occur – when the entire room is engulfed in an out of control blaze and toxic smoke fumes fill the air.

Now that’s one Christmas present all of us can do without!  

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