Monday, December 8th, 2008

Mr. Prepared here.  I know I spout a lot of doom and gloom during the year about being prepared for disasters.  But it’s only because I know how easy it is to get ready for them – and how many lives can be saved by taking emergency preparedness seriously!  

Even Christmas trees can be a danger, as I write about in my new article, “Make Sure Safety Is under Your Christmas Tree.”  I felt like I had compose that after checking out the videos at – it’s scary how fast a dry Christmas tree can turn into an indoor bonfire!

Anyway, considering the amount of carnage nature has wrought across America this year – hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and floods – I hope you don’t mind my making a suggestion with your holiday gift-giving this year – and that’s giving your loved ones the gift of preparedness this year.

Yes, instead of giving Uncle Andy a sweater he might never wear or Cousin Susie some Britney Spears perfume, think about giving friends and relatives something that could save their life.  There’s plenty of affordable survival gear and supplies you can purchase that could make all the difference if the unthinkable happens.

Think about a 72 hour survival kit, for example, that has all the food, water and other basic survival gear that would get you through a temporary disruption of services.  Or a weather radio, that operates by battery or hand-cranking, and tunes you in to the latest emergency information.  If you really want to get upscale, a portable emergency generator makes sure you still have power, even when a blackout hits.

There are plenty of other great life-saving products that I review on my website at – so you can tell which ones do the job the best.  I can also humbly recommend my own new eBook, “Mr. Prepared’s Top 50 Ultimate Survival Secrets,” which you’ll also find for sale on my website, as well as a great FREE stocking stuffer, the Mr. Prepared Emergency Card.

I sincerely hope your 2008 holiday is a great one – and that 2009 holds nothing but the best for you!  But just in case it doesn’t, be Smart!  Be Safe!  Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!