Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Floods are dangerous and happen more often than people think. That’s why Mr. Prepared is writing about them. Floods can be very local affecting only your neighborhood or very large, affecting the whole city, county or even the whole state.  Just look what happened in June 2008 when Iowa and the surrounding states got flooded. Floods can happen slowly over a couple of days or be a flash flood in a matter of minutes, with no warning. Slow flooding can cause water damage; where as flash flooding can cause total destruction in most cases. Bring with it mud, rocks, trees, cars and literally sweep everything away!

So be prepared – have a 72 hour survival kit for every family member that you can grab at a moments notice, keep one in your car too! Survival is everything! You can always replace your home, cars and most of your possessions but you can’t replace YOU! Or your family, loved ones and don’t forget your pets! So find out if you live in a low line area or flood zone. Example do you have levees or a dam in your town?? You need to check that out before you move into a new area. Go to your local fire department or CERT team (Community Emergency Response Team) heck you might even want to join, they should know the area, because their going to rescue you (maybe) if something happens. Besides it’s a good thing to do anyway, Emergency Responders are people just like you, they might even be your neighbor. They also put out fires, respond to auto accidents, get your cat out of the tree, you name it. You might even be hungry someday and drop in for some of that fire house chili! I here their good cooks.


Mr. Prepared likes Emergency Responders, but it is your responsibility to be prepared (ahead of time), with Emergency Preparedness supplies, again 72 hour survival kit, food reserve, and things you need for your area, i.e. fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods you get the picture. I am sure, I know your SMART! SO! Be Smart! Be Safe! Be Prepared!  This is, Mr. Prepared bringing Awareness to Preparedness.