Personal Health Records Online

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Hi folks,

Mr. Prepared here, today.  I want to talk about My Emergency Card and PHR`s, personal health records on line. You might not know this, but at your doctor’s office assuming you go to a doctor at least once a year Wreckfor a checkup and you should. They are doing away with the paper file folders.  You know that big store room they have with all those file folders in it.  If you haven’t seen it “ask them to show it to you”!  They will after all those are your files.  Did you know that they store them for their records and just for you?  So you can request a copy of your records anytime, and they may charge you a fee, and it may take a couple of days depending on how much staff they have on hand, but the bottom line is their your records.

Back to My Emergency Card, everyone should carry one:

Example: On July 20th 2009 a couple of days ago my own mother in law had a car accident back in Michigan, someone turned in front of her at a light.  My mother in law had the right of way and she hit them, nothing she could do? That’s the way accidents happen “out of the blue”! Reminds me of when I was going to cut a limb off the same mother in law’s tree 10 years ago so she could get her car in the driveway. All the voices, bells and whistles were going off, don’t do it, don’t do it but I said it will only take a minute, stupid ladder, the next thing I know my wife is holding my head after it bounced off the cement asking me if I was all right.  My head was ok but my wrist was broken.  I’m hard headed that’s way I was on the stupid ladder in the first place. So the point is folks -  accidents happen. Back to my mother in law, after her Onstar came on to see if she was all right, they contacted the police and an ambulance, when they arrived she gave them her emergency card, should I say, My Emergency Card.  Because she was prepared, they immediately contacted her family down state and rushed her to the hospital.  They knew from her emergency card who to contact, her medications, her blood type, everything to treat her properly. My mother in law fractured her breast bone from the seat belt impact but other than that she seems to be ok, thank god!  She’s a hip mother in law, 80 years young, drives a 2008 SS impala, and when she wants to go -  she goes in style!  Soon she’ll be back in her wheels; the car will be fixed in 3 weeks.

Mr. Prepared is working on a P. H. R. personal health record system that will be 2nd to none for all medical records. So stay tuned everyone that goes to Mr. or My Emergency and sign up for your free download of My Emergency Card.  Remember you don’t want to be in an accident and you don’t have an emergency card.  So Act now and get your free My Emergency Card.  When we go on line, you will receive 6 months of FREE service to try it out!!!  It just doesn’t get any better than FREE!

Thanks this is Mr. Prepared bring Awareness to Preparedness!