Mr. Prepared says: If the Power goes out how you are going to save the food in the refrigerator and have lights at night. You do have flashlights in your 72 kit right? Every Generator that Mr. Prepared has approved is electric start and easy for anyone to use.

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Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator

NorthStar Trifuel Generator - 20 HP, 13,000 Watt

Briggs & Stratton Generator – 6250 Watts    It’s A Start!

Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator — 6250 Watts, 1450 Series OHV Engine with Electric Start

All-season package has a weather guard engine and covered outlets on control panel. Wheel kit with never-flat tires, battery charger and 5-gallon fuel tank with gauge. U.S.A.

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NorthStar Trifuel Generator

NorthStar Trifuel Generator - 20 HP, 13,000 Watt
Northstar Generator – 20 HP 13,000 Watt You’re Getting There!

NorthStar Trifuel Generator packs 13,000 surge watts and 10,000 continuous watts! Switches effortlessly from gasoline to dry fuel without powering off and starts fast and easy in all weather. Cast iron sleeve. Rubber isolation mounts dampen vibration for smooth operation. Easy access control and outlet panel. Control panel has “push to reset” circuit breakers. Long-term storage fuel-drain valve quickly drains fuel for storage.

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Kohler Residential Standby Generator

NorthStar Trifuel Generator - 20 HP, 13,000 Watt

Kohler Residential Standby Generator You’re Prepared!

Kohler generators are known throughout the industry for extraordinary reliability and performance, incorporating a premium level of excellence in design that lets you enjoy unsurpassed performance in the generator size that is right for you. The advantages of a Kohler generator are exceptional. 5-year parts, 2-year labor limited warranty.

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