Time to Relax?

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Well folks, the hurricane season is coming to an end on November 30th…or is it?  Just because Nov. 30th marks the end of the hurricane season, it doesn’t mean not to stay alert, or should I say, prepared. For those of you who live in a hurricane area, it’s not over yet.  When Mr. Prepared is around a television it’s on the weather channel.  That’s my music, the weather. They keep you up to date on what is going on all over the planet, like the floods going on in Washington state right now and Texas has been getting hammered with heavy rains and flooding.  Remember, turn around don’t drown.  Six inches of fast moving water is bad stuff. 

So today, Nov. 13th is the big earthquake drill at 10am (PST) in Los Angeles, California.  Over 5 million people are participating: schools, business, and just regular people like you and me trying to be prepared.  I think it’s great!  My son also lives in LA, pay attention son! (He is. I talked to him last night.) So folks, just because the calendar may say you’re out of danger, don’t believe it.  Remember, be smart, be safe, be prepared!

This is Mr. Prepared, bringing awareness to preparedness!