Southern California’s Disaster Dilemma

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Mr. Prepared Says You Can’t Predict When It Comes to Preparedness

Mr. Prepared here.  Southern California just found out that sometimes when you get ready for one thing, you get hit with another.

On Thursday, November the 13th, all up and down the infamous San Andreas Fault, Californians participated in the largest earthquake drill ever held in history.

By simulating the effects of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake – huge, especially for the kind of densely populated state! – trained personnel and ordinary citizens alike were shown how to react to minimize injuries and maximize rescue efforts. Emergency preparedness was put to the test as food supplies and survival gear were checked and double-checked.

If a 7.8 temblor were actually to hit, it would crack open a major interstate highway, damage 300,000 buildings and most likely take down three skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles!  Not only that, but fatalities could reach 1800, with another 18,000 ending up in emergency rooms!

Obviously, as Mr. Prepared, I have to applaud these great efforts.  Earthquakes happen without warning and everyone needs to know how to react appropriately.

Unfortunately, a familiar area disaster of another kind hit just a few days later.  The Santa Ana winds, the hot dry breezes from the desert, came blowing in.  Record heat, low humidity and high speed winds combined to create the perfect nightmare as flames threatened homes from Santa Barbara down to Orange County.  Rolling blackouts were put into effect as the power supply to Los Angeles was threatened by all the out of control blazes.

As I’m writing this, over 10,000 acres have been burnt, 106 homes have been lost and 7 firefighters have been injured.  One couple returned to find all that was left of their home, where they had raised their two children, was the door knocker and a recently-planted barrel cactus.  All other memories went up in smoke.

Yes, it’s ironic that you can go all out to prepare for one disaster and, instead, another one hits you out of nowhere.    It’s why I wrote my eBook, “Mr. Prepared’s Top 50 Ultimate Survival Secrets,” available at my website at  I thought it was important to have tips and tricks for preparing and coping with specific kinds of natural disasters all in one place so you know how to deal with all of them.  What happened in Southern California proves you have to be ready for anything!

Until next time, be Smart!  Be Safe!  Be Prepared! This is Mr. Prepared, bringing Awareness to Preparedness!