Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

This is Mr. Prepared, wishing you a Happy, Safe 2009.  And let’s hope it’s a little calmer – because 2008 was a dilly for disasters!

The New Year, however, is already expected to deliver a more active than normal hurricane season, according to a prominent U.S. weather research team at Colorado State University.  They’re calling for at least 14 tropical storms, with 7 developing into full-blown hurricanes.  That’s close to their original prediction a year ago for 2008 – which they had to revise upward, when we ended up 16 Atlantic storms, 8 of which turned into hurricanes.

In any event, no matter where you live and what natural disaster your area is most vulnerable to, it’s a good time to review your emergency preparedness – and make a few New Year’s Resolutions!  Here’s what I consider to be “The Big Three!”

1)     Supply Yourself for Survival!

No matter what kind of calamity hits, having food supplies and survival gear on hand and properly stored makes it all a lot easier to get through!  A portable generator is another wonderful extra to have on hand, to “power up” your household through an unexpected crisis!

2)    Make a Plan!

If disaster strikes, know how to contact your loved ones if you’re separated – and make sure everyone knows a place to meet if communication is impossible!  Being prepared means planning ahead for the worst!

3)    Know Your Home!

If a hurricane, tornado or earthquake hits your home, do you know the safest room to be in?  Have you “disaster-proofed” your house as much as possible?  There are specific and simple steps you can take to make sure you’re safe at home no matter what happens!

You can find lots more information on all these topics at and in my new e-book, “Mr. Prepared’s Top 50 Ultimate Survival Secrets.”  In any event, I hope your holiday was a happy one and the New Year will bring you peace and prosperity – those are two terrific things you don’t have to prepare for!