Dome Homes – My Kind of Home!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Hi Folks! Mr. Prepared here.  Recently I found out about a dome home tour here in Florida, so I said, “I gotta go check these things out.”  So on Oct. 25th, we loaded up the van (my preparedness vehicle holds more stuff) and headed to Stuart, Fla.  For more info, run a Google search for “dome homes.” These homes are cool, energy efficient, can withstand 300 mph winds, a direct hit from tornadoes, and they’re even earthquake and hurricane proof (so the builders of domes claim.) Good enough for me! Where do I sign up? 

Folks, you know me, I’m all about preparedness.  The folks in Stuart were very kind.  They proudly showed us their dome home, about 3000 sq. ft., and said a couple of years ago, they had a hurricane come through with no problems, while property around them was damaged.  This dome home was made out of blown concrete and the inside is finished like a normal home, to your taste.  This one had 1 bedroom upstairs, office or bedroom downstairs, and in the center of the home was an awesome home theater that also doubled as the safe room for hurricanes and tornadoes.  It’s even a bomb shelter; can you imagine that?  I really liked these folks; they even had a food reserve, pool, beehives for honey, and a generator – my kind of people – prepared!

So off to the second dome in Orlando, near my home. This one was 26 feet in diameter, 3 bedroom, 1600 sq. ft. blown concrete (the other dome was 50 foot in diameter,) high impact glass – 145 mph glass, (good enough for me,) with a roll down steel storm door shutter.  The owner said his home is hurricane proof, tornado proof, bomb proof, and burglar proof. “No thugs getting in here,” he said.  I like that. 

 You can never be too safe or prepared can you?  Here’s something to think about – nothing is flood proof unless it’s above the flood! Like Noah’s Ark, but that’s another story.  Either way, both of these dome home owners were very proud to show their homes, and we thank them very much.  My comments are that these dome homes are the ultimate in preparedness homes with a whole home generator, one year food supply for every person in the home, water storage from water you collect from the round roof with a filtering system for drinking, bathing, lawn irrigation, and keeping the pool full. 

Let’s see, my idea of a dome home is four 50 ft. domes in a square connected by four tunnels with one for bedrooms, one for kitchen and family rooms, one for home theater and living rooms, and one for a garage and work shop, with the center area for a pool, outdoor kitchen, and what have you.  I am sure you get the picture – sounds like prepared fun to me!  Hey, any dome builders ready to step up and build my dream dome home so I can report what it’s really like to live in a dome home?  I’m not kidding.